In the Church's Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, through the ministry
​of the priest, it is Jesus who touches the sick to heal them from sin – and sometimes even from physical ailment. His cures were signs of the arrival of the Kingdom of God. The core message of his healing tells us of his plan to conquer sin and death by his dying and rising.

The Rite of Anointing tells us there is no need to wait until a person is at the point of death to receive the Sacrament. A careful judgment about the serious nature of the illness is sufficient.

When the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is given, the hoped-for effect is that, if it be God's will, the person be physically healed of illness. But even if there is no physical healing, the primary effect of the Sacrament is a spiritual healing by which the sick person receives the Holy Spirit's gift of peace and courage to deal with the difficulties that accompany serious illness or the frailty of old age.
                                (excerpt from United States Council of Catholic Bishops website)

Are You In Need Of A Prayer?

Weekly, our Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist deliver Communion to the area nursing homes and the homebound.  If you know of someone who is homebound and would like to receive Communion, please contact the office.

If you are going into the hospital or having surgery, please let the office know.  Because of HIPAA laws, we are not given names of our parishioners.  If you are admitted, please let them know you are Catholic and would like to have your parish notified. 

If you or someone you know is in declining health, please contact the office so that we can arrange for a Priest to give them the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

Last Rites?  Extreme Unction? What we once called giving someone “Last Rites” when death is imminent is now called the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

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Liturgy & Ministries

In the event of a death, have the Funeral Home contact Pattie Condello, Parish Leader.  She will make the arrangements with the family for a Mass or for a Funeral Home Service.  Pattie will come to the home to help you pick out sacred scriptures and music (if a Mass is to be said). 

We are blessed to have two Bereavement luncheon teams who work with a family when a loved one dies.  They provide and serve a meal following the funeral in either the St. Therese or St. Clement hall.  Each team has several people who set-up, serve, clean-up and package left over food for the family. To volunteer, contact the office at 330-879-5900.

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Prayer Shawls are crocheted or knitted by a group of parishioners who pray as they are making the shawl.  They don’t know who it is going to – they just know that that person needs a “hug” from members of their parish who know they are hurting, whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually. 

Now a nationally ministry, Victoria Cole-Galo, co-founder of the Prayer Shawl Ministry in Hartford County, Conn. with Janet Severi Bristow, said prayer shawls are an expression of the maker’s spiritual practice. The process begins with selecting the yarn and praying for the recipient throughout the entire process. Once the shawl is complete, another prayer is recited.

Cole-Galo said the ministry, which began in 1998, came about after she and Severi Bristow attended at the Women’s Leadership Institute at Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Conn. The goal is to combine a love of knitting and crocheting with compassion for those who are sick or suffering.

Mary Damewood, a Brewster Parishioner leads the Prayer Shawl Ministry for our Parish.  Since she began the ministry, she and fellow parishioners have made well over 100 shawls.  If you are interested in donating to this ministry (yarn or gift cards) contact the office at 330-879-5900.

For short, we call these Eucharistic Ministers.  A Eucharistic Minister is a Catholic who offers their time to distribute Communion at Mass or volunteers to go to a nursing home or visit a homebound parishioner bringing the Blessed Sacrament to them. 

Guidelines and requirements for this ministry can be found on the
United States Council of Catholic Bishop’s website. This link will take you directly to the Eucharist Ministers Page.

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​Carolyn Collins-Soehnlen is our extremely talented Minister of Music here at our Parish.  We have an incredible Adult Choir with Bell Ringers, and an amazing Youth Choir, also with Bell Ringers.  The Choir sings each Sunday from September through May at the 11 am Mass, during special services, Christmas Eve and Easter Vigil.

Adults rehearse in Navarre on Sundays at 9:30 am between the Masses.  Youth practice on Monday or Tuesday evenings.  

A Lector is a Confirmed Catholic who offers their time to be a Reader at Mass.  Training is given to learn how to proclaim the sacred words.

Guidelines and requirements for this ministry can be found on the United States Council of Catholic Bishop’s website below. This link will take you directly to the Lectors Information Page.